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  • Bearing "ball series let your medical equipment

    Whether you are looking for medical equipment mechanical solutions experts? In the world of medical image chamber, NSK knowledge engineering is let lift, linear and rotary motion applications, become stronger, more reliable and accord with human body engineering principle. NSK professional knowledge covers nearly all the image technology. Check for patients bed technology, NSK engineering support of fit after UL 60601 the authentication products are helping reduce patients check starting height, and let the examining table movement is more smooth, more safety and more comfortable. Below LongYe pass for you about NSK bearings in the application of medical equipment and related advantage advantages.

    NSK imported bearing type extensive, can satisfy each kind of application requirements, from a quiet, smooth operation, to achieve long-term reliability. Through professional distribution NSK you can easily choose suitable bearing solutions, need to input you need to model, and then on the list of suitable products can. NSK use knowledge, optimize your design; Use NSK bearing, strengthen your machine.

    NSK bearing ball series technical features: full series of bearings, integrated sensor bearing to choose, can choose various self sealing solutions, can choose different steel and coating. NSK bearing its function advantages: low friction energy efficiency type bearing solutions, strong and compact design, the leader of the rolling bearing, application engineering support. NSK bearing "ball series let your medical equipment" stand out.


  • DUF bearing "INSOCOAT insulation series"

    DUF bearing INSOCOAT insulation series extend bearing life and reduce to fan motor maintenance, in a dry milk factory fan motor encounter failure, NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series stand up for its eliminate worry solve motor fault, for dry milk factory sent to the bearing high life, fan motor maintenance line to reduce light. Below LongYe pass through the dry milk factory examples to help you verify NSK import bearing strength.

    A dry milk factory fan electric opportunity to serious vibration. Through the problem of tracking, discovery and through the fan motor bearing current related, has caused corrosion and normal operation time for only 2000 hours. Through the use of in the outer surface of the alumina film NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series provide for stator insulation, the problems were solved. To improve service life from 2000 hours to 20000 hours, and because less maintenance intervention - cleaning, drying, paint, change bearing, insulation control, etc., significantly save the cost. Understand the NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series how to dry milk factory contribution and at the same time we come again specific about such NSK bearing itself.

    NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series let motor from the current damage, including outer ring or with plasma spraying ceramic coating, the bearing and destructive stray current insulation apart. With standard bearing with the same basic size, INSOCOAT NSK bearing no special to install the process or the high cost of the modified operation. Through the insulation bearing to prolong service life, reduce maintenance and maintenance cost, and other insulation method than the most cost effective. NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series for dry milk factory motor exclude solution to the best of it.


  • The Czech machine tool industry output

    Czech machine output and exports in recent years have got greatly improved, has developed into a global 13 big machine producers. In Europe, the machine output ranking seventh, the export volume ranked ninth. Czech cutting machine and forming machinery in three-year above 90%, exported to over 85 countries and regions. Say none exaggeratively, cutting machine and forming machinery production as the Czech republic machinery industry is an important department, has become the pillar of the Czech republic machinery industry.

    In 2008, metal cutting machine tool of the Czech machine 92% of production, coverage to all kinds of conventional model and numerical control lathe, milling machine, processing center, special machine, drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, gear processing machine and sawing machine, etc. And metal forming machine, including all kinds of mechanical press, hydraulic press, pneumatic press, upsetting machine, etc., and used for processing all kinds of rolling forming materials (all kinds of column section and sheet metal, etc.) forming machinery, in the Czech republic in machine tool production accounted for more than 8%.

    The Czech republic production machine equipment of the main export market, is to import equipment performance index of high requirement of European Union and the United States, Canada and other countries, it also proves that the Czech machine has good technical level and reliability. Moreover, the Czech facing the major markets of machine tools export of years of growth, more of the machine tool quality stand the test.

    In particular, the Czech export most of the machine tool varieties for lathe, the processing center, drilling, boring and milling machine, grinding machine, etc. Enterprise, production and exports the fastest growth machine enterprise have tower Iraq, manasseh - ZPS machine factory, valencia, husband dawes machine tool plant, skoda MT machine tool company, division voss victor machine tool companies and alvin · RongKe company, etc.


  • SKF four-point contact ball bearing design

    SKF four-point contact ball bearing design and characteristics

    Four-point contact ball bearing design.

    A. Four contact ball bearing belong to a kind of radial single row angular contact ball bearing, the design of the raceway is used to support role in two direction of axial load. Four-point contact ball bearing can withstand the highest for axial load fractions of radial load. Four-point contact ball bearing and double bearing phase comparison, occupancy of axial space will be significantly reduced.

    The QJ design SKF four-point contact ball bearing contact Angle of 35 ° or 45 °. Inner ring is split inner ring. This will allow the bearing load more number of ball, so we can give bearing high load bearing capacity. This kind of SKF four-point contact ball bearing for separate design, namely take ball and cage components can ring with two inner ring half ring respectively for installation.

    2. Four contact ball bearing inner ring (or outer) is made up of two and a half circle blended with accurate and become, and its whole peripheral (or inner ring) of the groove curvature radius is very small, make the ball and inner and outer in four "point" on all contact, such already increased the radial load ability, and at the same time to compact size under a lot of the two directions of the axial load, and has a very good the two directions of the axial spacing ability, this is because its axial clearance is relatively small, and its contact Angle (usually take for 35 °) and larger cause.

    Three. Four contact ball bearing allow speed is also very high, and running very smooth, its double half ring and remove from a complete set of bearing respectively to carry out the installation, so four-point contact ball bearing multi-purpose in engine, because it can at higher speed under a lot of radial load and axial load.

    SKF Explorer four contact ball bearing of half of the two inner ring is a deep bottom stop shoulder (FIG). When the four contact ball bearing and SKF cylindrical roller bearing are used together, increases the flow of oil. In addition, when remove the four contact ball bearing, the deep concave bottom can also be used to fixed puller.

    Four. Four contact ball bearing features:

    Four-point contact ball bearing is separable type structure, single bearing can replace positive combination on the back or combination of angular contact ball bearing. Can bear radial load, two-way axial load, can limit the two directions of the axial displacement, but now than specifications of the double row angular contact ball bearings occupy axial less space.

    Four-point contact ball bearing and other ball bearing, compared to when radial clearance phase at the same time, the axial clearance is small, high limit speed.

    Four-point contact ball bearing is designed to withstand pure axial load or in axial load primarily axial and radial joint load. Because is double half inner ring (or outside), put the ball quantity increased, with large carrying capacity.

    In the normal working conditions, this kind of bearing bear any direction of the axial load, can form a contact Angle, the ball and internal and external raceway each contact in a bit, avoid contact region occur large sliding friction. Therefore, bearing shoulds not be bear with radial force is given priority to and load.


  • South Korea bearing quotient ILJIN

    Will off-brand bearing change into famous brand trademark, imposing sold to enterprise, to obtain sudden huge profits, that cause great damage to the enterprise. On January 20, weihai in shandong province HuanCuiOu procuratorate to production and sale of fake or substandard products to sin GuoFuGui five suspects approval of arrest according to law, and suggested that the public security organ to continue investigation. In 2001, GuoFuGui in weihai established a mechanical and electrical company, the main sales bearing and mechanical and electrical products in 2005, and set up a production in luoyang bearing company. Due to the famous brand bearing and off-brand bearing price difference is very big, GuoFuGui will seek to distant relative guo road of strong, GuoYongXin do help, and invited one of dong road is responsible for the procurement, in weihai hired LiuJunQuan responsible for sales. They sales bearing part is dong road from all around the purchasing of a less known and inferior brand bearing, part GuoFuGui in luoyang bearing company production of counterfeit products, mostly do not accord with national technology standard. They use fake tool, through the change, trademarks, change the type of way, off-brand bearing after packaging wave body into domestic and international famous brands bearing from January 2009 to November 2010, they will be a large number of fake and inferior bearing are sold to weihai local several well-known enterprises, the sales volume of about 300000 pieces, the sales amount reaches as high as 370 yuan. Since the bearing quality is not standard, for the enterprise production caused serious losses. In view of the case involved huge amount, affects the bad, the procuratorial organs timely intervention investigation link, guiding the public security organ is relevant personnel position, reward, division of labor, etc fixed evidence in time. Handle a case prosecutors after careful reading case, arraignment criminal suspects, to ask the witness that five people involved behavior completely conform to the production and sale of fake or substandard products the components of sin.


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