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The Czech machine tool industry output

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Czech machine output and exports in recent years have got greatly improved, has developed into a global 13 big machine producers. In Europe, the machine output ranking seventh, the export volume ranked ninth. Czech cutting machine and forming machinery in three-year above 90%, exported to over 85 countries and regions. Say none exaggeratively, cutting machine and forming machinery production as the Czech republic machinery industry is an important department, has become the pillar of the Czech republic machinery industry.

In 2008, metal cutting machine tool of the Czech machine 92% of production, coverage to all kinds of conventional model and numerical control lathe, milling machine, processing center, special machine, drilling machine, boring machine, grinding machine, gear processing machine and sawing machine, etc. And metal forming machine, including all kinds of mechanical press, hydraulic press, pneumatic press, upsetting machine, etc., and used for processing all kinds of rolling forming materials (all kinds of column section and sheet metal, etc.) forming machinery, in the Czech republic in machine tool production accounted for more than 8%.

The Czech republic production machine equipment of the main export market, is to import equipment performance index of high requirement of European Union and the United States, Canada and other countries, it also proves that the Czech machine has good technical level and reliability. Moreover, the Czech facing the major markets of machine tools export of years of growth, more of the machine tool quality stand the test.

In particular, the Czech export most of the machine tool varieties for lathe, the processing center, drilling, boring and milling machine, grinding machine, etc. Enterprise, production and exports the fastest growth machine enterprise have tower Iraq, manasseh - ZPS machine factory, valencia, husband dawes machine tool plant, skoda MT machine tool company, division voss victor machine tool companies and alvin · RongKe company, etc.


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