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SKF four-point contact ball bearing design

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SKF four-point contact ball bearing design and characteristics

Four-point contact ball bearing design.

A. Four contact ball bearing belong to a kind of radial single row angular contact ball bearing, the design of the raceway is used to support role in two direction of axial load. Four-point contact ball bearing can withstand the highest for axial load fractions of radial load. Four-point contact ball bearing and double bearing phase comparison, occupancy of axial space will be significantly reduced.

The QJ design SKF four-point contact ball bearing contact Angle of 35 ° or 45 °. Inner ring is split inner ring. This will allow the bearing load more number of ball, so we can give bearing high load bearing capacity. This kind of SKF four-point contact ball bearing for separate design, namely take ball and cage components can ring with two inner ring half ring respectively for installation.

2. Four contact ball bearing inner ring (or outer) is made up of two and a half circle blended with accurate and become, and its whole peripheral (or inner ring) of the groove curvature radius is very small, make the ball and inner and outer in four "point" on all contact, such already increased the radial load ability, and at the same time to compact size under a lot of the two directions of the axial load, and has a very good the two directions of the axial spacing ability, this is because its axial clearance is relatively small, and its contact Angle (usually take for 35 °) and larger cause.

Three. Four contact ball bearing allow speed is also very high, and running very smooth, its double half ring and remove from a complete set of bearing respectively to carry out the installation, so four-point contact ball bearing multi-purpose in engine, because it can at higher speed under a lot of radial load and axial load.

SKF Explorer four contact ball bearing of half of the two inner ring is a deep bottom stop shoulder (FIG). When the four contact ball bearing and SKF cylindrical roller bearing are used together, increases the flow of oil. In addition, when remove the four contact ball bearing, the deep concave bottom can also be used to fixed puller.

Four. Four contact ball bearing features:

Four-point contact ball bearing is separable type structure, single bearing can replace positive combination on the back or combination of angular contact ball bearing. Can bear radial load, two-way axial load, can limit the two directions of the axial displacement, but now than specifications of the double row angular contact ball bearings occupy axial less space.

Four-point contact ball bearing and other ball bearing, compared to when radial clearance phase at the same time, the axial clearance is small, high limit speed.

Four-point contact ball bearing is designed to withstand pure axial load or in axial load primarily axial and radial joint load. Because is double half inner ring (or outside), put the ball quantity increased, with large carrying capacity.

In the normal working conditions, this kind of bearing bear any direction of the axial load, can form a contact Angle, the ball and internal and external raceway each contact in a bit, avoid contact region occur large sliding friction. Therefore, bearing shoulds not be bear with radial force is given priority to and load.


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