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DUF bearing "INSOCOAT insulation series"

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DUF bearing INSOCOAT insulation series extend bearing life and reduce to fan motor maintenance, in a dry milk factory fan motor encounter failure, NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series stand up for its eliminate worry solve motor fault, for dry milk factory sent to the bearing high life, fan motor maintenance line to reduce light. Below LongYe pass through the dry milk factory examples to help you verify NSK import bearing strength.

A dry milk factory fan electric opportunity to serious vibration. Through the problem of tracking, discovery and through the fan motor bearing current related, has caused corrosion and normal operation time for only 2000 hours. Through the use of in the outer surface of the alumina film NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series provide for stator insulation, the problems were solved. To improve service life from 2000 hours to 20000 hours, and because less maintenance intervention - cleaning, drying, paint, change bearing, insulation control, etc., significantly save the cost. Understand the NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series how to dry milk factory contribution and at the same time we come again specific about such NSK bearing itself.

NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series let motor from the current damage, including outer ring or with plasma spraying ceramic coating, the bearing and destructive stray current insulation apart. With standard bearing with the same basic size, INSOCOAT NSK bearing no special to install the process or the high cost of the modified operation. Through the insulation bearing to prolong service life, reduce maintenance and maintenance cost, and other insulation method than the most cost effective. NSK bearing INSOCOAT insulation series for dry milk factory motor exclude solution to the best of it.


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