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DUF Bearing Group is a company group without limit of regions as registered and approved by the State Admimistration of Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Under the DUF holding group,there are Jiangsu Baodie Bearing Company Limited,Huaian Xiya Bearing Company limited and Ningbo Baodie Import and Export Company Limited.In addition,Jiangsu Jinming Steel Pipe Comany Limited and Ningbo Sanli Bearing Company Limited have purchased the shares in the DUF Bearing Group.
The headquarter of DUF Bearing Group is located at Hangzhou Bay New District of Cixi City of Ningbo,which covers a land area of 60,000 square meters with floor space of 65,000 square meters. It is close to the east side of the worldwide famous Grand Hangzhou Bay Bridge and it enjoys geographical advantages and convenient traffic facilities as it is only 50 km from Ningbo and 120 km from Shanghai. In DUF Bearing Group,there are 50 automatic production lines of precision bearings in microsize,mini size and medium size.All production mackineries are sophisticated and take the leading position at home such as CNC automatic grinding machine,automatic measurement meter,automatic bearing assembly meter,automatic greasing and capping machine,and automatic pachage machine.Recently,the newly built precision bearings production line has been put into operation with an annual capacity of 80 million sets of bearings and it is capa ble to produce 300,000 sets of precision bearing per day.In addition,DUF Bearing Group plans to put a new production line of automobile specialpurpose bearings into operation in 2009.Up to that time,the annual capability of whole DUF Bearing Group will becone 180 million sets of various bearings.At present,DUF Bearing Group exports the bearings to the developed countries and regions in the America and Europe and the perfect business cooperation has been established between DUF Bearing Group and some worldwide leading companies.
Inaddition to the advanced productioin process,the stable product quality and the complete inspection facilities,DUF Bearing Group has strong capability to make all necessary accessories.The major raw materials such as inner race and outer race of bearings are supplied directly by Jiangsu Baodie Bearing Company,whick is controlled by the DUF holding group.Therefore,the production chain is extended,the quality is assured,the cost is reduced and the competitive power of DUF Bearing Group is strengthened.The best product and best service are well received by wide customers.
Cixi City enjoys another name of "Kingdom of Bearings" as there isa relatively longer history of bearing production and the bearing trade becomes one of the leading industries in Cixi City.DUF Bearing Group will enhance the technical content in the bearing industry and increase the added value of the products. Following the three principles of Toughness,High Quality and Know-how,DUF Bearing Group will make great efforts to promote the development of bearing industry in Cixi City as well as the advancement of the whole society.

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