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Off-brand bearing change into famous brand trademar

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Will off-brand bearing change into famous brand trademark, imposing sold to enterprise, to obtain sudden huge profits, that cause great damage to the enterprise. On January 20, weihai in shandong province HuanCuiOu procuratorate to production and sale of fake or substandard products to sin GuoFuGui five suspects approval of arrest according to law, and suggested that the public security organ to continue investigation. In 2001, GuoFuGui in weihai established a mechanical and electrical company, the main sales bearing and mechanical and electrical products in 2005, and set up a production in luoyang bearing company. Due to the famous brand bearing and off-brand bearing price difference is very big, GuoFuGui will seek to distant relative guo road of strong, GuoYongXin do help, and invited one of dong road is responsible for the procurement, in weihai hired LiuJunQuan responsible for sales. They sales bearing part is dong road from all around the purchasing of a less known and inferior brand bearing, part GuoFuGui in luoyang bearing company production of counterfeit products, mostly do not accord with national technology standard. They use fake tool, through the change, trademarks, change the type of way, off-brand bearing after packaging wave body into domestic and international famous brands bearing from January 2009 to November 2010, they will be a large number of fake and inferior bearing are sold to weihai local several well-known enterprises, the sales volume of about 300000 pieces, the sales amount reaches as high as 370 yuan. Since the bearing quality is not standard, for the enterprise production caused serious losses. In view of the case involved huge amount, affects the bad, the procuratorial organs timely intervention investigation link, guiding the public security organ is relevant personnel position, reward, division of labor, etc fixed evidence in time. Handle a case prosecutors after careful reading case, arraignment criminal suspects, to ask the witness that five people involved behavior completely conform to the production and sale of fake or substandard products the components of sin.


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